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Why Manchester is the UKs Best City for Filming

Filmmaking, as exciting and creative as it is, can also be one of the most complex arts to execute and master. In fact, anyone who has been involved in a film production before can attest that it’s not as simple as walking onto a set or location, pressing record, and the work is done. Many stages are involved in the preparation and organisation of film production, and many of those stages typically present difficult challenges and hurdles which we must overcome.

A key component that can present such challenges is your choice of location. Whilst it’s important to scout and select the right location for narrative and aesthetic purposes, it’s also important to keep in mind logistics and practicality. City-centre locations are renowned for ticking all these boxes, and Manchester is without a doubt a leading figure. Conveniently placed in the North-East of England, the city and its surrounding areas have enough variety and resources to make it the perfect shooting hotspot for any production.

Filming Hotspots in Manchester

Countless film productions have selected Manchester locations for their projects, ranging from long-standing TV shows, Hollywood blockbusters, music videos and commercials; whatever the requirement, the city has a large variety of locations to suit all needs. Below are just a selection of examples:

Partially englobed in the Greater Manchester region, the Peak District is a common backdrop for films and TV shows alike. It offers wild landscapes that stretch for miles while remaining close enough to the city to allow for transportation to other film spots on the same day. Many Manchester film production companies have chosen the close areas of Glossop or Mossley to get an authentic countryside look.

You have possibly seen the suburban regions of Manchester in shows like Fresh Meat or Feel Good. Shot in Whalley Range and New Islington, respectively, the suburbs are the perfect place for family homes, small buildings, and urban but spacious locations. Film production companies in Manchester are used to working in the area and finding the perfect spot.

Manchester is often used to depict the Big Apple city within the European continent. Cheaper than New York City itself and versatile, the city centre can be disguised as modern, current NYC or as an older version of it thanks to the period brick building still standing. Our very own China Town is also close to the classic New York version.

The city centre also offers a variety of coffee shops, apartments and venues that any film production in Manchester might need. For a more rustic, urban look, aim for the Northern Quarter, and for a more high-end London mock-up: Deansgate and its businesses will be the perfect spot for you.

Why you Should Choose Manchester for your Next Production

From old buildings that can double for any period, high-end facilities, edgy spots or large, wild landscapes: Manchester is diverse enough to help you bring any project to fruition.

On top of striking and diverse locations, the Manchester film industry is booming and is often described as one of the fastest growing in the country. Thousands of creative jobs are created every year, driving new talents toward the city and contributing to its relevance in the field. Local universities are expanding, investing in high-end facilities to guarantee future generations of leading creatives with technical, practical, and theoretical knowledge.

Manchester is also historically a cultural hotspot, known for welcoming individuals who aren’t afraid to think outside the box and push change forward. The mix of eclectic communities from film, football or music has allowed over the years for Manchester to become a capital for original thinkers. Places like HOME are dedicated to bringing creativity and merging art, film, video games, and virtual reality. Studios, agencies, and production companies with years of experience exist across the city, ready to welcome you and support your creative and production needs.

Thanks to institutions like Screen Manchester, filming in or around the city is also easier than ever. They can help you find the best spot for your project and facilitate its completion.

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