The Mob

Mob COVID Statement

Covid 19 Statement
V. July 2022

The Mob Co (North) adheres to and regularly updates COVID best practices for filming based on industry bodies and the current UK Government guidelines.

Our offices have been risks assessed & are professionally cleaned and sanitised before/after any clients/visitors have been on site.

All of our production staff have received Covid Film safety training from 1st Option Safety Services (certificates are available on request).

Filming precautions also include but are not limited to, reported Lateral Flow tests for all attendees prior to filming call time and, when required, electronic QR code pre-shoot health declarations and temperature checks, depending on current Government advice. We have COVID supervisors who are available on request or as deemed necessary based on Risk Assessments. 

Masks and PPE kits are available for those requiring them, and sanitisers are available throughout sets, locations, catering, and offices.

Mob’s Coronavirus Safety Measures

A full PPE kit is held in stock and they are regularly checked/replenished as needed.

You can ask for our comprehensive COVID-19 Guide to Filming, which has been approved by our production insurers and is frequently reviewed.