The Mob

Camille Marotte

Camille Marotte is Director and Photographer whose distinct style blends captivating visuals with technical mastership to create bold and stunning imagery.

Marotte’s work is strikingly cinematic, and this approach has allowed him to work with some of the world’s most luxurious brands, including Audi, BMW, Cartier, and Marc Jacobs.

After graduating from the E-Art Institute in Paris, Marotte worked as a director and photographer for various prestigious clients, including Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, and Calvin Klein.

While working as a freelance international director, he also collaborated with renowned production companies in Europe, the USA, and Asia, such as Iconoclast, The Sweetshop, and GrandLarge, specialising in TV commercials and photography and motion design.

By combining spectacular visuals with technological proficiency, Marotte showcases an adaptable approach while retaining his characteristic style. From BMW’s dramatic ‘Prime Impulse’ to Harper’s Bazaar’s edgy yet graceful ‘Vaporized’ to Maybelline’s delicately ethereal ‘Dream’, Marotte’s ability to advance his work to the level of the cinematic is evident throughout.

Marotte consistently achieves a polished, premium look with a particular eye for lights, colour, and photography, earning him various Vimeo Staff Picks and awards.