Joan Joan

Joan Joan is a multi-award-winning director for Promaxes, Kinsale Sharks who specialises in commercial documentary filming.

Over the past 15 years, Joan Joan has directed a huge range of high-end brand content, commercials and promotional campaigns. This body of work includes Barclays, Tesco, Nissan, BBC One, BBC Two, BBC News, BBC Worldwide, Royal British Legion, UKTV and Pets at Home.

Known for an unconventional yet captivating interview technique, Joan Joan evokes spontaneous, genuine and enchanting performances.

They bring a hint of spontaneity during filming which makes for much more convincing story-telling.

Joan Joan prefers to capture the natural and flawed beauty of peoples’ answers when they’re caught off guard. They end up finding the chaotic style to be cleansing, comical and enlightening.