Sarah O'Gorman

Sarah O’Gorman is a BTAA-winning comedy and performance director who began her career crafting TV trailers and idents for BBC Creative Services, which included some of television’s most iconic moments from the late Terry Wogan breakdancing through to bringing back Doctor Who.

As if making blockbusters TV campaigns wasn’t enough, she is now renowned as a leading TV director in her own right turning her talents to hit shows such as Hustle (BBC One), Trollied (Sky One), The Fixer (ITV) and most recently the new 2017 series of No Offence (Channel 4).

In between directing some of the UK’s hottest stars, Sarah O’Gorman can be found shooting various commercials for The Mob and, most recently, for Asda and LEGO Duplo, demonstrating an amazing ability to capture memorable performances from kids.