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The Best Camera Gear for Shooting Sports Videos

Filming sports require specific camera equipment due to its fast-paced action, unpredictable movements, and a need for high-quality footage. To capture all the excitement and drama of a sporting event, you need equipment designed to handle the unique challenges of sports videography. Athletes move quickly, and the camera needs to capture all the action.

What is the Best setup for Filming Sports?

Cameras with fast autofocus and high frame rates are necessary to ensure they don’t miss the action. A range of lenses, including telephoto and wide-angle, will help capture all the moments in engaging ways to make the event more cinematic.

What Video Cameras Are Used in Sports?

Sports videos are often broadcast on television or online, so they must be of a high standard. This means the equipment used must have large image sensors, high resolution, and good low-light performance to ensure your footage looks great in any setting.

Mob’s Favourite Camera Gear for Sports Videos

Filming such activities requires a specific set-up to capture the action and produce high-quality results. Here are some of the best setups for filming sports:

Multiple Cameras

Using multiple cameras is an effective way to capture the action from different angles and perspectives. This allows you to get various shots and create a more dynamic and engaging video. Place cameras at different points around the field or court or use handheld cameras to capture close-up shots of athletes in action.


A tripod is an essential equipment for sports videography, as it allows you to keep your camera steady and in position for extended periods. Look for a sturdy tripod with a fluid head for smooth panning and tilting.

Telephoto Lens

A telephoto lens with a focal range of around 70-200mm is ideal for sports videography, as it allows you to zoom in close on the action while still being able to capture wider shots of the field or court. This is particularly important for sports where the action is far away from the camera.

External Microphone

An external microphone is a great accessory for sports videography, as it helps to capture clear audio of the action on the field or court. Look for a directional microphone that can be mounted on top of your camera or a wireless lapel microphone to capture audio from players and coaches.

High-Speed Memory Cards

Invest in high-speed memory cards for faster write speeds and better performance. This is particularly important for sports videography, as you want to capture and store a large amount of high-quality footage without running out of storage space.

To film such incredible moments, you must have the best cameras to showcase these events.

Below are some of the most common types of cameras used in sports production.

Broadcast Cameras

These are high-end cameras that are designed specifically for live sports broadcasting. They feature large image sensors, high zoom capabilities, and advanced autofocus systems that allow operators to capture the action from multiple angles with precision and clarity.

DSLR / Mirrorless Cameras

DSLR and mirrorless cameras are versatile tools commonly used in sports production. They provide high-quality video and a range of lenses for different shooting situations. Look for a camera with fast autofocus, high frame rate, and 4K video recording capabilities.

Some popular camera models used in sports filming include the Sony A7S III, Canon EOS R5, and Panasonic GH5.

Action Cameras

Action cameras like GoPro are popular for capturing dynamic, close-up shots of athletes in action. They are small, lightweight, and can be mounted on helmets, boards, or other equipment to capture unique perspectives.


Drones are becoming increasingly popular in sports production for capturing aerial shots of stadiums, tracks and arenas and following athletes on the field or court. They can provide unique perspectives and angles that are impossible to achieve with other types of cameras.

Slow-Motion Cameras

Slow-motion cameras are used to capture ultra-slow-motion footage of athletes in action. They record at high frame rates, allowing for detailed analysis of technique and form. These cameras are commonly used in sports like swimming, track and field, and gymnastics.

Capturing Sports Content with High-Quality Cameras

Mob are experts in capturing sports content and has delivered award-winning work spanning Golf, Formula 1, Boxing, Cricket, Rugby, Cycling, and more. Below are some examples where specialised camera gear played a key part in executing the creative:

STC – Express Your Passion

Captured against a blue screen using a specialised time-lapse rig of 40 still cameras and the Phantom high-speed camera, delivered in 3D.

Need For Speed – Shift

Captured using a camera fixed to a helmet to provide a POV racing perspective.

Manchester United – 2022/23 Third Kit Launch

Captured using a variety of Insta 360 cameras and smartphone filters.

In conclusion, sport requires specific camera equipment because of the unique challenges it presents to capture. By using specialised equipment designed for sports videography, and the right setup, you can ensure that you capture all the excitement and drama of the game and create stunning videos that showcase the best of sports.

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